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Why drink water after treatment?

Following osteopathic, or any physical therapy, you will often be advised to drink a glass of water. But why?

During physical therapy or massage the muscles of the body are worked and movement is encouraged. This dehydrates the local area as the fluid in the muscle is pumped out and into the circulatory system. From here it is taken to the kidneys where it is excreted. This is why many patients have the urge to urinate immediately after treatment. This dehydration is one reason for you to drink additional water following treatment.

The body produces metabolic waste in the muscles during everyday function which the body naturally flushes out in the circulatory system. When muscles or joints are tight and restricted, circulation is inhibited. Osteopathic treatment can help eliminate these tensions allowing for improved circulation (which has a direct correlation to reduced pain). This in turn will naturally lead to higher levels of toxin circulating the body in blood flow which need to be excreted. Drinking water provides the kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste via urination. This is why your osteopath will advise greater intake of water following your appointment.

¬†Always remember… a hydrated cell is a happy cell!

Jamie Thompson


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